Architectural/Display models

At Workshopped 3D, our custom models allow you and your clients to experience the physical space of a design in ways you simply can not reproduce with 2D images. Architectural models generally show full colour and detail of buildings and immediate streets including balustrades, window frames, tiling, paving patterns and full landscaping. These models are useful as a visual sales/demonstration tool.  

Masterplan/Site models

Masterplan and site models give an overview of a development, showing roads and block style buildings. These models provide the viewer a clearer understanding of the physical and visual impact a development will have on the surrounding structures and environment. 

DA models

DA (Development Application) models show roads, block style buildings, topographical elements and any water features such as rivers and lakes. These models provide the viewer with a visual understanding of how a design will fit into its surroundings. Councils are increasingly requesting that DA models are presented with applications and at Workshopped 3d we work in conjunction with councils to ensure that models are produced in line with council requirements.

Rapid prototyping

Workshopped 3D offers 3D modeling and rapid prototyping services. Using CAD modeling software, we can produce 3D computer models of your designs in house. We can also use CAD models that you supply or if you don't use CAD we can help you with the design process and 3D modelling. We then use these models to produce rapid prototype 3D prints.

Interior models

Interior models are generally all white and contain details such as furniture, textures and in some cases lighting in house and apartment models. Structural details such as supports and beams can also be viewed within these models through detail cutaways.